YOGA NIDRA | Life Rhythms

Yoga nidra is a guided meditation practice that leads you into a deep state of conscious rest. In this state the parasympathetic, the rest and renewal limb of the nervous system, is engaged, bringing you to a state that is conducive to deep emotional and physical restoration and self-exploration that potentially allows the practitioner to rewire deep seated patterns of behavior.

The practice of yoga nidra begins in a comfortable resting position and the setting of an intention. This intention is something you wish to manifest or a quality you wish to cultivate or embody. Once the intention is set you will be guided through a series of explorations; first bringing awareness to the physical body, then to the breath-body; then the emotional body and finally to the ‘body’ of discernment. The practice concludes by revisiting your intention and bringing your awareness back to the physical body, much like emerging from savasana.  One hour of yoga nidra is as restful as a few hours of sleep.

Contact me for a 60 minute guided experience via Skype or in my space in New York, N



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