Descent to the Goddess is a six month immersion where you have the opportunity to choose to embark on a beautiful journey.  Together we co create a place and time to dive in and look at what is working ,and and what may no longer be serving, the gem and gift that is YOUR life. Together we will mine the cave of your heart, gather the gems and polish them. The elements, that may be worn and no longer serving you will be honored and released. It will be a process that feels right for you. If you like to burn sage great, if not, then we create a ritual that works for you. It’s your journey.

This Immersion is for you if you are wanting to make some shifts, clean out the closets, look at what’s been collecting under the rug. We can dig as deep as you want, but know it is at your pace and in the realm of your comfort level.  Also know I am also here to gently coach and support you to peak around the edges of what you think your comfort level is; often we are much stronger than we think we are. If you are ready to dance with your shadow as well as embrace and acknowledge your joy and connect with your innate right to live from your inborn wild nature, this is the time to jump into this immersion.

This program is a thorough, from inside out and earth to sky, overhaul. I’ll be walking alongside you side a whole half of a year, supporting you and most importantly guiding you to gather the tools you need, that are unique to supporting you and your life experience, where you are now in on your own path. This is your journey so, if a journal to write in is not your jam, but a scrapbook might be, we create that. If sun salutations on your own mat, don’t open the gates of connecting you to your body, but a walk in the woods does, we implement that. Your path, you create it, carve it and I am here to support it so that at the close of the circle, you OWN it.

On the other side of this program, you emerge with a new found sense of self reliance, renewed ways of participating the relationships in your life. You will have danced with your shadows, wailed over your ( perceived) failures and losses, celebrated and honored your joys and gotten to the root of what needed to shift in order to live your life connected to your own wild, free, messy and gorgeous inner terrain.

If any piece of this speaks to you; tugs at your gut or heart strings, please, don’t hesitate.

Each journey is completely individual, yet there is a basic outline and theme, used as a touchstone, which will enrich, enliven and create a cohesive environment as we move through the journey.


Grounding- Muladhara Chakra
Explore your vision


Your Creative Force/Creating Your Space-Svadisthana Chakra
Create your altar; your inner and outer seat


Standing In Your Power-Manipura Chakra


The Open Heart- Anahata Chakra


Speaking Your Truth- Vishuddha Chakra


Honoring Alignment with Intuition and Spirit-Ajna/Sahasrara Chakras

Some Basic Ingredients:

– Twelve, 90 minute mentoring, co-creative sessions, where we craft practices and check in on your ongoing process to keep you aligned with your goals and desires on this journey. These sessions take place via Skype

– Customized monthly practices and rituals that will form the basis of your personalized ‘guidebook’ for your life and your dreams.

– Exploring and practicing the value of creating sacred space and time for your self; mind, body and soul.

– A goddess oracle or tarot card pull at the beginning of each session to enhance the guidance that is present for you in each session.

– E-mail support /check ins throughout the six months of working together.*

Accountability and follow up to ensure that you’re implementing the practices, rituals, and things we focus on during our sessions.


ENROLLMENT PROCESS: email me at at to express your interest and a brief telling of what brought you here, now.  We then schedule a 30 minute Skype meeting to check out how we ‘vibe’ together and discuss in more detail what you would like to focus on, create or unpack over our journey together.

ENROLLMENT OPPORTUNITIES For 2017/2018- open enrollment, with preference to begin on a new or full moon time.

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