If you want more in depth guidance or simply want to go deeper sign up for one or more Nourishment Coaching sessions.  In these session we can work on everything from kitchen organization to specific recipes and meal plans that can suit a variety of nourishment and special dietary needs. We meet via Skype and each session is a minimum of 60 minutes. We will collaborate and create a wellness experience uniquely crafted for your own needs.  Right where you are.  In your home.  We can meet one time or once a week or anything in between.  This is YOUR experience.

We will craft an experience that explores anything from refining your kitchen apothecary with herbs, spices, fermented foods, bone broths and herbal infusions; to creating weekly menus and shopping lists to support the well being of you and your family.  We also specialize in supporting the needs and creating menu plans for anyone faced with life altering health challenges.  Food and Love are our FIRST medicines.

Some examples of how we can focus your coaching experience are:


From time immemorial the kitchen and the home hearth has been considered the first line of support for the health and well being of you and your loved ones.  In our Kitchen Apothecary sessions we explore everything from ways to incorporate herbs and spices into your cooking to enhance the healing potency of your meals, to the use of fermented foods, fermentation, mushrooms and seaweed.  Get started today to spice up your meals and boost your health and immune system.


The ultimate kitchen clean up and restocking experience.  I am determined, but gentle, about guiding you to get rid of all foods, condiments, spices, grains, pastas, frozen items, etc that no longer serve you nutritionally or enhance the flavor of your food.  We begin fresh and stock your kitchen with appealing and nourishing basics that inspire you to be in the kitchen again or for the first time!

INVESTMENT: BY DONATION I am committed to work with anyone who is committed to the process.  That is the priority. I trust that you will honor yourself and the process and make a financial offering based on what your resources allow. SO let’s talk.



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