LIFE RHYTHMS-coaching for your soul


Life and Lifestyle Coaching programs curated for your daily needs and rhythms. THE WISDOM PATH offers one to one bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions to assist you to get centered in your life rhythms and lifestyle goals. I also offer a more in depth six month immersion, DESCENT TO THE GODDESS where we meet intensively to redesign every area of your life from work to daily rhythms to food and relationships. YOGA NIDRA offers you the ultimate meditation or rest and renewal experience. You can book a single session or a weekly experience.

Life does not need to be PERFECT in order for us to be connected deep in the marrow of our bones and rooted in our minds from sky to earth; ultimately, for the well tended garden of our hearts to become fragrant with the truth of who we are. and immersions are crafted to support you within the context of your day to day life. No need to leave your life and retreat at a fancy spa. This is about creating sacred space within your life and for you to carry it inside of you, wherever your life may carry you.

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