I honor how far I have traveled on this journey of life
I honor the journey, traveling, learning,
stumbling and picking myself back up

I honor that day by day
I explore how to live
with a life altering illness

I honor far I have traveled
the progress, the set backs
adjusting, again and again

I honor
my fear
my pain
my grief
my sorrow
my rage

I also honor my joy,
and bow down, with gratitude
for whatever force that made me
gifted me with hope

It sometimes seems hidden, but it is always there
a small slice of sunshine
in my sacred heart

It keeps me alive
striving, willing

I also know, and fully trust, it will guide me
when it is time to let go

I honor my vulnerability
my newfound willingness to step into it
how it shapes my voice and, my heart,
when I allow it to lead

The journey is long, we hope, and though rocky at times,
I honor that I still have dreams
sea, sand, waves
a wild fragrant garden

I honor how damn hard it is to be human
to really grow into becoming a human be-ing

It is not a given
it is day by day,
a practice

I honor that I am willing to do it
and all those who stand by me, and with themselves,
willing to do this rough, stubborn work
to reach the soft, tender heart of our humanity

With or without illness, pain or loss
this is how life is lived
day by day

I am learning
to honor my humanity
in doing so, learning to honor others
their journey, their path
it will not look like mine,
nor mine yours

It is a practice
moment by moment

honoring yourself
your life
your journey


*the image is from the Dust II Onyx A Melanated Tarot
created by Courtney Alexander





she nourishes with
plants, herbs & roots
marrow & blood

she sings through
drums, rattles
crystal bowls
& the talking stick

she listens
to rain pattering the eaves
silent stones
dried leaves underfoot

she travels to the edges of Self; the molten core and the infinite cosmos
sitting in silence at the inner altar

an altar of crystals shells, totems
it whispers; go deeper

she dives beneath the constructed mind as
smoke, plant medicine, dreams,
archetypal images and forgotten languages
open the inner channels

medicine woman
speaks with her eyes,
touches with her words
listens with her hands
sees with her heart

there is much to explore
there is much to share
meet her there