she nourishes with
plants, herbs & roots
marrow & blood

she sings through
drums, rattles
crystal bowls
& the talking stick

she listens
to rain pattering the eaves
silent stones
dried leaves underfoot

she travels to the edges of Self; the molten core and the infinite cosmos
sitting in silence at the inner altar

an altar of crystals shells, totems
it whispers; go deeper

she dives beneath the constructed mind as
smoke, plant medicine, dreams,
archetypal images and forgotten languages
open the inner channels

medicine woman
speaks with her eyes,
touches with her words
listens with her hands
sees with her heart

there is much to explore
there is much to share
meet her there



NINE OF EARTH- when to hold /when to fold

The Nine of Earth, as the suit of Discs or Pentacles is named, in the gorgeous Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot, created by Sue Kovacs, has been courting me this last few weeks. Across decks and various types of readings, the card has something to offer that may not be readily apparent to me at this moment in my life, yet wants to be heard as a message for me and perhaps anyone coming to read Monday Mojo. By all accounts this is a card of accomplishment and gain; traditionally signifying that you have reached a certain pinnacle of success by your own toil or, that you will be coming into a material gain by inheritance or other form of winning. When the nine of earth appears it’s as though you can finally exhale, knowing that you will be taken care of, at least for a little while. So rest and receive.

There is a sense of deep satisfaction that comes with having planted the seeds of your intention, tended them wisely and now reaping the reward of their fruitful propagation. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to step back and pause long enough to really see what you have accomplished. The Nine of Earth is calling you to relax your efforts, take a stroll in the garden of your rewards and perhaps even lie down on the soft green earth and rest. If the Nine is pointing to the possibility of you being in receipt of something by inheritance it may be accompanied with grieving a loss, as well as fulfillment and a feeling of being cared for.

In many regards this card suggests that we consider the principle of ‘what we give to life is what we get back’.  Either way, these gains have come your way due to your efforts and comportment, so again take time to appreciate who you are, what you have given of yourself and enjoy this moment. For if we ‘know’ anything, it’s that life keeps moving and things change soon enough. This reminds us that being present and awake for this moment now, here, not ‘over there’ is the way to experience life.

As you take time to step back, review and assess this gain perhaps it is also a moment to separate material needs from desires. You may realize it’s no longer serving you to work 70 hours a week or some variation of that, to accrue things at the expense of being able to spend time with loved ones, family or friends. The Nine of Earth also urges you to be aware of creating harmony with the nature that is around you. Signified by Venus in Virgo, this week seek to create a sense of beauty and order, in your environment, remembering that beauty arises from within as mush as it can be represented with material things.

For me personally, at this moment, this cards asks me to be aware of another type of ‘gain’ altogether, as I am in a rebuilding process in my life.  So I ask what does the nine point to for me, what other layers might I dig into?

It’s asking me to look wider and deeper and to trust, for however woo-woo that sounds, that the nine of earth reveals itself in many ways.  Certainly I am blessed with beauty and security in myriad ways.  For me, and some of you, it may be a matter of considering that nines are a number signifying completion, so while some are reaping certain rewards, some are on the cusp of releasing what has served its purpose and no longer serves the path forward. It’s a moment to consider what is finishing or letting loose and how to honor the letting go, especially if it means letting go of a relationship with a person.

Whatever the Nine of Earth may signify for you this week remember that material possessions in themselves do not bring about happiness, and that it is vital to know the limits of what you have the capability to digest.

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