THE UNIVERSE- is your home; did you forget?

“Hence this life of yours which you are living is not merely a piece of the entire existence, but is in a certain sense the whole; only this whole is not so constituted that it can be surveyed in one single glance…Thus you can throw yourself flat on the ground, stretched out upon Mother Earth, with the certain conviction that you are one with her and she with you. You are as firmly established, as invulnerable as she, indeed a thousand times firmer and more invulnerable. As surely she will engulf you tomorrow, so surely will she bring you forth anew to new striving and suffering. And not merely ‘some day’: now, today, every day she is bringing you forth, not once but thousands upon thousands of times, just as every day she engulfs you a thousand times over. For eternally and always there is only now, one and the same now; the present is the only thing that has no end.”
– Erwin Schroedinger

This is our blip on the big screen; you and me and this thing we have named our life. This life we are living on this planet we have named Earth. This earth we live on that is in an orbit within the context of something we have named The Universe.

The Universe is such a big concept. What do you even begin to think about when someone mentions the universe? Earth, the planetary system, stars, the Sun, galaxies, the Milky Way, constellations, the Big Bang, black holes, meteors? All of it? None of it? How do we even begin to wrap the human mind around it? Within it? We are in it, it is within us. Joni Mitchell had it right when she crooned, ’we are stardust, we are golden” . Where to from here? A lot of questions, I know.

In the system of tarot, The Universe, represents the a moment of culmination, not so much along the lines of completing a transaction, a book, a painting or even a philosophical treatise; rather the completion of an aspect or particular path that we may have been on in our life journey. A large arc moment. It also suggests that said moment is likely one that is entwined with a purpose larger than yourself. An inter-stitching of self within the fabric of Gaia. To be met face to face with this type of moment on your life journey is indeed a fulfillment of grand proportions.

As I write this and, when I threw the Universe card last night, I will admit to being a little befuddled and somewhat overwhelmed. I even queried the deck twice more and the Universe came forward both times. I don’t know what happens ‘out there’, amidst those large arcs and ever widening ellipsis of things in this universe, of which we are a part. What I do see and sense and feel, with a sickening despair and sometimes rage, is that we are not really a part of this earth we inhabit, in fact I would find it more accurate to say we are APART from it. Distanced in almost every way possible. Amazon, Fresh Direct, texting, sexting, Tinder, swipe right/left Facebook, IG, all of it. And yes ‘we’ve’ been saying this for years, yet we keep leaning in this direction. The ‘we’ being those of us who ‘appear’ somewhat fringe to the establishment at hand, which is ABSURD, because I have the thought that there are very few people who have managed to extricate themselves from the necessities of the modern world, and those that do homestead, homeschool, re-wild and whatever, are often found cataloguing their experiences on social media for fuck’s sake. Look I’m not against it, entirely; I’m a part of it, entirely. Believe me, almost as soon as I post this on the site, for all 5 or maybe 30 of you to see, I’ll hook it up on Instagram and my Facebook page and what not. It’s more that throwing this card caused me to consider the Universe itself, more than the story it might elicit out of the pantheon of the Tarot.

Am I off topic? Forgive me.

Perhaps, as we are all hurtling through space on this little blue planet that we call ‘home’; as we are on this planet in this moment, careening toward the close of yet another year, as catalogued by the Gregorian calendar; we might actually hit pause on our personal ‘intentions’ and resolutions for 2018 and take a few moments to WONDER what the Universe actually is. Perhaps leaning into a more active relationship with it, through this process of wondering, we might actually start to consider the vastness of it all, the magic of it all, the almost improbability of our existence and how we even manage to stay alive in the face of all the destruction we create. I hate to suggest it but, putting band-aids on things doesn’t really do much anymore, we are kind of past that, cause we are all participating in it within the mind construct out of which the destruction grew. So I ask, how do we ‘stay with the trouble’ and wonder beyond it? I propose that The Universe card showed up to prod us, the 3 or 15 or 30 of us who might read this, to wonder BEYOND ourselves. We are stardust, but we are also finite within this corporal body we are inhabiting. It’s finite and therefore limits the possibilities of the mind.

This week I invite you to ponder making choices that reflect a consideration of the Large Arcs, to consider thinking from your Stardust body.

-We are stardust,we are a billion year old carbon,
we are golden
We just got caught up in some devil’s bargain
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

To some semblance of a garden.
– Joni Mitchell

The Hanged Man

IMG_4073Monday Mojo

THE HANGED MAN – get woke

Where are you on your spiritual journey? Most of us spend a good deal of time summing up, fretting over, hatching plans with regard to our ‘life purpose’ and where we are in relation to our career, relationship or material acquisition goals ( see The Devil ). When was the last time you really gave thought to your actual relationship with your spiritual path? I believe I can dive in the deep end because if you’re reading this you are likely seeking something beyond the daily tasks of life. I suggest this in the best of ways. We are All seekers, we’ve simply forgotten this along the way.

The appearance of the Hanged Man, just like Death, The Devil and The Tower, is not usually welcomed with open arms. It’s understandable, who willingly wants their world turned upside down? Really, though, these cards, and this one in particular, suggest something far more eloquent, and necessary, than a cursory read suggests.

The surrender that is implied with the Hanged Man, is a surrender to the part of you that seeks, the part of you that is likely the least attended to on a daily basis, the part of you that knows there is more to life than our material desires. Now, as I offered in last week’s Mojo centered on The Devil, I am in no way suggesting that these desires are ‘bad’, it isn’t a binary situation; it’s simply that we are at a point where it is necessary to cultivate our inner wealth. In order to do this we might have to turn things upside down once in a while, actually a little bit every day might be something to consider.

Think about it, what does it physically feel like to be upside down? If you practice asana you probably do something approaching this somewhat often; if you don’t engage in asana or some psycho-physical practice that invites you to get your head below your heart on some regular basis, then take a moment right now, while you are sitting to bow your head forward. Sit, or stand, with your legs apart, bend your knees if you are standing, and now slowly, bow your head forward and continue allowing the weight of your head to lead you, to bring your head and shoulders down between your legs. Remain there a few moments, say five to eight cycles of breath. To come out of this, back out the reverse of how you went in, rolling up through the spine, lifting the head last. Take a moment to register how you feel, beyond maybe a little light-headed. This is essentially a seated or standing forward bend. No, it is not exactly like going upside down, but any position that places the head below the heart physiologically and psychologically shifts our experience of life. Yes I just said that and I mean it.

The Hanged Man is asking us to bow our heads to our heart. To wake up to the intelligence of the heart, to listen to its counsel and to heed it. It doesn’t have to be a big spiritual trip, it might be something as simple as being mindful to offer gestures of kindness to your fellow humans. No matter what things look like from the outside, everyone, and I really mean EVERYONE, is bearing some struggle. How we each bear the weight of our struggle is in relation to our own human experience; someone else’s struggle may appear minor to your own, but the weight of it could be great for them. I am saying many ‘cliche’ things here, but I don’t give a shit, because it’s true, God/Goddess doesn’t give you more than you can bear, and likely, if your load is heavy it is because of the strength you have cultivated within yourself. Further, if you have the strength, it is likely that you are being called to serve others by letting go and letting loose of any binds that still hold you back from letting your heart lead the way. The Hanged Man is asking you to do that now. If, however, you are feeling weakened by your load, then it may be time to rest and let go of striving for all external things, now may be your time to rest and build your your own inner reserves. We are all here to give and to receive at different points on our journey. Our only real purpose, in case you are still searching for yours, is to serve and lift each other up.

Wherever you are right now on the spectrum of your journey, giving or receiving, The Hanged Man is asking you to let go of your striving and bow your head to the intelligence and wisdom of your heart. Feel your heart beating in your chest, your faithful servant is asking you to show others, even just one person, the way. It is not a sacrifice, as many read this card, for when you serve, act, give of yourself, from your heart, it is the deepest nourishment and the most enriching gift you will ever receive.

Who will you serve this week?


10d09aef89e3b500feb86ded82f1f20c--moon-drawing-sketch-drawingAn Invitation to Shed the Lining

How are you feeling?  A little overfull?

Full Moon in Gemini is upon us, as well as Mercury Rx in Sagittarius. Your life may feel on overdrive right now and the instinct to rush and fit it all in ( whatever ‘it all’ is), may be driving you.  Try to relax, the big moon is an invitation to shed and Mercury traveling ‘ backwards’ is inviting you to slow down.  Especially in the areas of big life concepts.  The medicine is asking you to release what is no longer in service to your spirit and time here on the planet.  Earth, this precious orb, is flailing under a regime of misfits and thugs.  There are voices out there though; women leading a charge, and not just charging others with misconduct, rather a charge to build yourself from what ever ruin you may feel, to take action to secure your sovereignty. NOW.

But first, slow down, breathe in and out. Feel your body. Rock with it a bit. Really, really sit with yourself. Then ask, What the fuck do I really want? You are going to have to clarify this as the question is too big, too general.  Launch from there and hone in on something. It may be: what do I want from work? from my partner? from sex? where I live? from my body relationship/image? Get SPECIFIC. Only choose ONE area.  Remember no major moves now, this is just a moment to set the stage.  Let your gut answer the question.

Breathe. Feel your body in your space. Feel your relationship to the ground beneath you; pillows, rug, bed, couch, whatever. Look around your place.

Right away some things are going to jump at you. They will, I am sure of it. They will say I’m in or I’m out.  You know what to do. Get the things that don’t want to play, pick three, there will be at least three things, and put them outside of your space.  Or at least in a corner near the door so that they are energetically away from you.

Sit back down. Breathe into your body, into newly found places. Maybe write some things down.  Go Slow.  It’s Mercury Rx and this invites you to take some time and recalibrate your rhythm.

Give this to yourself, to your dreams, to the people in your life and life around you. Attending to yourself is the single best remedy you can offer the world in the weeks ahead.

How are you feeling now?





XV THE DEVIL-is in the details

I had to chuckle when I drew the card for this week’s Mojo. The holidays in full force upon us, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and who knows what other marketing schemes that will descend upon us between now and the New Year, and quite likely through much of January, it’s no surprise The Devil came out to play. These campaigns hope to drive those of us, that’s you and me, with even the slightest tear in the fabric of our well-being, into some guilt-driven or pleasure seeking frenzy of purchasing. Really though, the Devil may ‘stand in’ as the scapegoat for all of this useless, seeking to fill the hole in the heart behavior, but it’s not the fault of the Devil per say. Lucifer just wanted to be free.

The Devil is simply, and not so simply, here to remind the seeker, that on this noble, but frail journey to becoming whole again, we must examine and make distinction between the flow of man’s natural urges, before codes of conduct and man imposed ideals of morality were forced on us; and the over-inflated, pleasure seeking, mind numbing behavior we often fall into this time of year.

Our desire for beauty, sex, nourishing food, shelter, clothing, and on, is not the issue. However, in our over-‘cultured’ world, they have often become disproportionate to what we really need, because we are often repressing the urge to satisfy these basic needs in the first place. It is at this point that we begin to witness desire become disordered, in the forms of sex addiction, over-eating or anorexia, over spending and gambling and on. The more we repress our desires, and therefore don’t have true relationship with something, the more out of proportion our desire for that very thing becomes. By neglecting our instinctual desires and basic human needs, this desire becomes inflated and dis-ordered; at best we can have hang-ups, inhibitions, insecurities, fears at worst we can develop disorders of the psyche and soma.

Sometimes the Devil tangles us in the details of what moves us forward and motivates us each day, what choices we make, what we choose to engage with. Often making choices centered on either giving or receiving something that garners material, social or spiritual rewards at the end of the day. The Devil him/herself exists beyond accepted morals and social judgements and is asking us to embrace all of life, who you are, what you desire, fully and passionately.

How do we turn in and face our limiting behaviors? By shifting the viewpoint and altering our perspective, we can change the way we feel about the things in the ‘Devil’s domain’.  Swinging between Goddess-consciousness and harmony to the realms of intellect and logic, the Devil is anti dogma, uncompromising and independent. Nothing is forbidden, as The Devil is cognizant that the Shadow also reveals the Light.

As we engage with the lessons provided by card XV, very appropriately at this time of year, we set ourselves free to be who we are. During this time when we easily become subject to over-indulgence in anything from material acquisitions to escalating family dramas, the Devil asks us to celebrate all aspects of life without becoming a slave to its pleasures

How will you free yourself this holidays season?




SEVEN OF SWORDS-are you thieving your integrity?

The past week has cut to the core for many of us. The scorpio New Moon digs deep and surfaces feelings, patterns and relational issues of all levels; with self, partners, society, asking us what will you do with this? What to keep, what to release, what to review, as we move toward the quiet of Winter. Simultaneously, it feels as though we are already weathered by the holiday rush which is actually just beginning. If you pause, for even a moment, and look at the irony of packing in so much planning, executing gatherings and attending them, shopping and wrapping and then cleaning up after the parties, all the recovery needed; it is completely maligned behavior as we deepen into the most yin, quiet and internal time of year. This time of year, in the northern hemisphere, nature is preparing to go in, gathering resources, to nest underground and in the cave, to sleep.  We humans have built cultural rituals that ‘require’ we behave in exactly the opposite manner of what nature, our natural rhythm, is calling us to do.

Enter the Seven of Swords. This card has been traditionally assigned the name “thieves’. As such it is not usually a card that is welcomed, given that one must consider what or whom may be in the position of deception. This naming is ‘deceptively’ cursory and requires that we consider the millefeuille gradations of how insidious deception can be in our lives. It can denote everything from stealing, being stolen from, cheating, being cheated on, keeping secrets of any magnitude or little white lies; it can mean ignoring the call of your spirit, staying in a job, a relationship or a place that doesn’t serve you. And on and on.

On a personal level I have been called to work with this card in many ways this month, so when it presented itself for today’s Mojo post, I simply had to chuckle. And then look closer still, listen more deeply, to what The Seven of Swords in wanting to communicate to all of us.

The sevens of any suit signal that there is inner work to be done, as it is asking us to pause and consider, or more likely, reconsider, how we relate to things, people and situations in our life. It is asking us not to simply act, or react, in a status quo way. It is asking you to up your game. It is rattling your cage. Mingle that with the airy suit of swords, circling issues pertaining to intellect, integrity, discernment, the way you communicate, or not. Deception occurs as much with what we may NOT say; holding back the truth hurts ourselves as much as others.

When faced with situations that present potential confrontation do you shut up and swallow your truth or do you steal away, stealthily, with the jewel of your heart’s desire held in your mouth, as an act of self protection. Is there a way to stand in the middle of the chaos and be who you are? How can you remain loyal to your heart, while living in a culture that prioritizes productivity and people pleasing over exploring what it takes to find and stay in the center of your own moral compass?

As we are moving into the holiday season, with Thanksgiving, full of all the potential familial and cultural land mines just ahead, we may be called to navigate and negotiate everything from who is cooking the main course, what the main course can be; to who is sitting next to whom; who gets the bed and who gets the floor; to say nothing of what topics are on or off the table. The Seven of Swords suggests the situation will likely require some creative problem solving and here is where we need to ask ourselves, are we creating comfort at the expense of our integrity or is it really ok to say; ‘hey we don’t need to debate social justice issues this weekend’. Only you can know what works for you and then you must share it. Most people in your life do not read minds.

As humans we have changed both the landscape of the earth and our relationship to it. In doing so we have also changed the way we relate to ourselves and others. We must see that it is almost impossible to uphold responsibilities to others if you are not responsible to yourself first. What do you hold sacred? This is the time to ask and answer this question.

All around us we continue to see people taking advantage of their power, their ability to promise a job, a way of life, fulfill a dream and when we fall victim to it or, collude with it in some way, we knowingly or not continue to feed the pattern of oppressor and oppressed. When we ‘wake’ to this why would we not feel the need to deceive to get back our stolen dreams, the inheritance promised to us. We refused to see who was making the promise, so the black crow saves the jewel, the heirloom seed of our true nature, aligned with nature; in an effort to rescue what is rightfully ours, as human BEINGS, before all the DOINGS. Is it possible to thread our way home? I don’t know. The Seven of Swords is asking us to look. I know the deceptions began long ago and seemingly far away, but not really. And what we seek to remember, to know we have the potential to heal.

The season of expected cheer is upon us, and potentially rife with self deception. It is your responsibility to remember what is worth protecting, worth caring for, and worth making relationship with. At the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, can you look directly into your eyes and not flinch?



NINE OF EARTH- when to hold /when to fold

The Nine of Earth, as the suit of Discs or Pentacles is named, in the gorgeous Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot, created by Sue Kovacs, has been courting me this last few weeks. Across decks and various types of readings, the card has something to offer that may not be readily apparent to me at this moment in my life, yet wants to be heard as a message for me and perhaps anyone coming to read Monday Mojo. By all accounts this is a card of accomplishment and gain; traditionally signifying that you have reached a certain pinnacle of success by your own toil or, that you will be coming into a material gain by inheritance or other form of winning. When the nine of earth appears it’s as though you can finally exhale, knowing that you will be taken care of, at least for a little while. So rest and receive.

There is a sense of deep satisfaction that comes with having planted the seeds of your intention, tended them wisely and now reaping the reward of their fruitful propagation. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to step back and pause long enough to really see what you have accomplished. The Nine of Earth is calling you to relax your efforts, take a stroll in the garden of your rewards and perhaps even lie down on the soft green earth and rest. If the Nine is pointing to the possibility of you being in receipt of something by inheritance it may be accompanied with grieving a loss, as well as fulfillment and a feeling of being cared for.

In many regards this card suggests that we consider the principle of ‘what we give to life is what we get back’.  Either way, these gains have come your way due to your efforts and comportment, so again take time to appreciate who you are, what you have given of yourself and enjoy this moment. For if we ‘know’ anything, it’s that life keeps moving and things change soon enough. This reminds us that being present and awake for this moment now, here, not ‘over there’ is the way to experience life.

As you take time to step back, review and assess this gain perhaps it is also a moment to separate material needs from desires. You may realize it’s no longer serving you to work 70 hours a week or some variation of that, to accrue things at the expense of being able to spend time with loved ones, family or friends. The Nine of Earth also urges you to be aware of creating harmony with the nature that is around you. Signified by Venus in Virgo, this week seek to create a sense of beauty and order, in your environment, remembering that beauty arises from within as mush as it can be represented with material things.

For me personally, at this moment, this cards asks me to be aware of another type of ‘gain’ altogether, as I am in a rebuilding process in my life.  So I ask what does the nine point to for me, what other layers might I dig into?

It’s asking me to look wider and deeper and to trust, for however woo-woo that sounds, that the nine of earth reveals itself in many ways.  Certainly I am blessed with beauty and security in myriad ways.  For me, and some of you, it may be a matter of considering that nines are a number signifying completion, so while some are reaping certain rewards, some are on the cusp of releasing what has served its purpose and no longer serves the path forward. It’s a moment to consider what is finishing or letting loose and how to honor the letting go, especially if it means letting go of a relationship with a person.

Whatever the Nine of Earth may signify for you this week remember that material possessions in themselves do not bring about happiness, and that it is vital to know the limits of what you have the capability to digest.

Book your New Moon reading with me.



THREE OF WANDS- what’s cooking?

I am wondering, what was manifested during the week of The Queen of Discs for you? For me a few anchoring tools came my way; an Ooak doll companion I’ve named Lucia, an intense hand-carved skull who has yet to find his name and the potent Oracle of Weavers. Life responds to what we call in.

The Three of Wands speaks directly to this. The two manifests three when the potency between them is true. Two people manifest love and then, perhaps, a child or, a ‘fur baby’ or, property together. These are manifestations of desire.

In the image for the Mary-El Three a single eye just stares, waiting to be lit up. A slender snake slithers up, toward the center of this eye; at its root, a manifesting pentacle, is centered in the spiral at the base of her body. This snake signifies the third wand, shimmering, stirring up. The potential of kundalini, your life force, awakening and rising. What is stirring at the bottom of your spine, in your gut or in your heart?   Is there something you are longing to mingle with to create a new form?

Magic is simply intention manifest. What is being forged in the fire of your minds eye? What are you FOCUSING on?

Three’s signify synthesis and are a number of creation. Mingled with the creative fire of the Wands, this card invites us to dig deeper and reach beyond the boundaries of our seemingly finite bodies, to explore the mysteries of the nature of being. To extend our thinking beyond the binaries of ‘good and evil’; ‘right and wrong’; ‘life and death’.

Once the kundalini rises, the life force awakened and stirred by the potential of creating a new form, new life; the lens of your eye widens and invites you to live into something bigger than yourself. What is calling you this week? What might be stirring that you are just a little bit afraid of. Move toward it.

The Three of Wands lights the way, there is clarity and a steady confidence when you meditate on this card. You may also be given the confidence and clarity to let go of a project or plan that is no longer working or serving you. If that is the case, let the fire burn through the illusion of rekindling it, don’t squander your precious energy. Once you burn through it something new is waiting to be manifest on the other side.

This week ask yourself, What lights my fire, what keeps it burning? Inside the cauldron of your intention the contents will be transformed and you will create new life.




QUEEN OF DISCS-a place to call home

Queen of all earthly things, abundance, comfort, and warmth. She sits on her throne, embracing a golden sphere, the world in her arms. Sturdy in form, a majestic crown of antlers and a diamond topped staff; gazing into the distance. What is this earthy queen contemplating?

Earth, Gaia, our mother, has her rhythms; the seasons, cycles of the moon, day and night We, as humans, in a colonized society, have rhythms constructed by society; we as individuals, have our own personal, intimate rhythms.

In the myth constructed by society, things of the earth are considered to be sturdy and reliable by nature, even a little slow. Really though, things of the earth are transient in nature, they change, like the seasons; ephemeral things, the nature of bone, the quality of soil, rivers cutting through mountains, mountains crumbling into earth and changing soil; things birthing and dying, roots, stalk, branches; the flowers and leaves; our breath, in and out; all decay; sometimes imperceptibly, sometimes in a tempest. This quiet queen is asking us to pay attention to such things this week.  Perhaps not taking what we expect as given, for granted. Life rustles beneath the surface even when the trees are bare and frost blankets the ground.

The Queen of Discs, woman of earth, steadies her gaze on her environment, her home, her family, her garden or the natural world about her. She likes regularity and a sense of security, and she works hard to cultivate and maintain her environment, as she knows nothing is just given and like the earth, things change. Her presence is offering that we take notice of our environment, the personal environment we have created or agreed to live in. As the seasons have changed and we have firmly slipped into autumn in the northern hemisphere, have you adjusted yourself and tuned in? The food offered by your local farmer is different, the air is cooler and requires you to keep warm. Have you taken time to do something as simple as changing your clothes closet from summer to winter?

Attend to your home, making shifts little or large to create a comforting, welcoming environment. Her appearance this week invites you to focus on nourishing your senses with a quiet sensuality. How are you caring for yourself? There is a level of intimacy being asked of you. Take time with things that bring you comfort and a sense of wellness. Attend to nature, listen to the sounds of the earth, the wind rustling through the leaves or branches; take a relaxing bath, prepare a nourishing meal; listen to music; dance, move around and feel your body, be in your body.

As well as being comforting and offering a warm bosom to lay your head, this queen is also stately and pragmatic. She knows that the comfort given is created through careful attention to herself and her environment, creating harmony with both inner and outer ecology of self, family, the environment and the world. In these turbulent times we all need a place where we feel comforted and safe. A place to call home.

What can you do this week to create or refresh your connection with your home, both inside and out?




ACE OF CUPS – what garden will you grow?

The Ace of each suit contains the energy of all that is possible in the realm of its particular suit. The seed really; yes the seed, containing all the possibility and magic and wonder about to unfold. Often when we consider this we are thinking in all the exemplary way something behaves, but really the seed holds the mystique of it all.

When the suit of Cups appears we know something in the emotional realm is being highlighted; something in the realm of love, deep friendship, something involving the heart. What we also encounter is our connection to the subconscious, to our dreams, to what lies beneath. The way into the soul.

The majority of depictions of The Ace of Cups offer us a cup or a chalice; something full or being filled. The Mary-El rendition is something else altogether. Stunning and difficult.

The beauty of this depiction is that it contains all of it, just as the seed of anything contains all of it. We never know what the seed will bring forth, yes there is faith in the seed, but will it produce a plant that bears much fruit or only a little? Will the flowers be sturdy or frail? Just as we can never be entirely certain about the stock of the seed until the plant grows, we can not be entirely certain what fruit our creative, relational or spiritual efforts will bear until we are in it. Even if all of our desires are met, there are ups and downs, highs and low.

Where are you on the spectrum of your emotional and relational life right now? Have you just entered a fulfilling relationship/ have you ended one?  Have you just had a child/is your child suffering an illness? All things that seed our joy can also seed our sorrow.

The deeper aspect of this Ace is its relationship to our spiritual life. The figure here is human, hermaphroditic and also otherworldly; are those wings enfolding or unfurling? And yours? Have you attended to your spiritual needs? How do you tend them? These times certainly call for us to have anchor in something more than the vicissitudes afforded us by the vagrancies of our human exploits.

As the suit of cups relates to the element of water the question begs to be answered; what are you watering? What seed in your emotional, relational or spiritual garden, are you tending? The blue sphere in the belly asks us to tend to our gut feelings, those intuitions fed from the deep wellspring of something ancient and before ‘us’; but something that is still very much part of the fabric of our being. Most importantly, it is something that wants to be heard. Whether it be personal or of the world, something is crying out to be nurtured.

Will you listen? What seed will you water this week? What garden will you grow?




QUEEN OF SWORDS- removing the masks

The Queen of Swords doesn’t suffer fools. When this archetype enters the room, your life, the ‘throw’, you know you are facing a moment or a period where your stories or the collective story is being keenly observed. This is a moment where murky musing and twisted tales will no longer hold water. A person with the quality of this Queen has a focused and intense perception, as though they are seeing right through you.

This highly perceptive Queen, intuition honed, like her ever sharpened blades, sees what is, not what we may wish or dream things to be. With this skill she may be perceived as harsh, a slayer of dreams or pouring icy water over our sleepy heads. Is there a story you are telling yourself that no longer serves your growth, your life or those around you?  She is here to wake you up!

Though she may have the air of a cold and icy temperament, do not be fooled, passions run deep here. She would literally lay her self down in service of the truth. Her true aim is for us to get to the heart of our desires more swiftly and with more clarity and truth, so when we arrive it is with honor; our path and achievements unassailable.

When she arrives, you may be needing to lay a burden down and this is a person in whom you can confide your deepest secrets.  Although she may not offer you a feather bed to lay your weary head down, the medicine she carries will be a clean and clear remedy for whatever ails you.

This Queen asks you to become aware of your masks, we all have them. Our social mask, our job mask, our parent mask, our lover mask. In becoming sensitive to yours you are reminded that everyone wears their own masks. This Queen, although she may appear distant, is actually asking us to become more intimate with ourselves, our stories and thus opens the way to becoming truly intimate with another, as we begin to reveal what lies behind the mask.

Today, this week, this month begin to notice your stories, your masks. Pause, take a breath and just for a moment wonder who lives behind them?