Alchemist. Dreamer.
Wordsmith. Witch.
Wild. Woman.

I am a woman and, before that, I am human. Being. All of it, simply being human, takes courage and fortitude. And so, like you, I walk through my life with a mix of aspirations, dreams, hopes, plans. And losses, failures, mistakes, missteps.  I am here walking my path and part of my path is to walk with others, as a guide, as you find your way through the highs and lows of your journey here, being human. Walking with you sometimes looks like offering guidance on food; sometimes on movement; sometimes deep rest. All of it is pointed toward guiding you to nourish yourself in the best and deepest way possible on your path. Where you are now. Where we meet.

I have been a practitioner and student of the healing arts for over 25 years; a mixologist of herbs, earth, seasons, flavor and life. The tools I have gathered are in the realms of advanced teacher trainings in the arts of hatha yoga, gyrotonic, pilates; bodywork including shiatsu, Swedish massage and Thai yoga therapy; energy work including Polarity therapy and Reiki level I& II. A certificate in Holistic Health Counseling with specialties in Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and Nourishing Traditions practices, as well as studies in western herbal traditions. This is a list of studies. The important part is that I have lived life. I’ve made the mistakes, had the losses, and am even now on a deeply intense journey with Cancer. What is important is that I am here to listen to you; to support and guide you through your journey, with the heft of my studies and more importantly, my life experiences.  And so I offer myself.

I am midwife to
your dreams/ your wholeness/ your purpose

Walking with you as you
revision your path
reclaim your vitality
remember your wild nature

Honoring all of you and your experience

I am honored to be a part of your journey.