swords II

TWO OF SWORDS- what are you choosing?

The one becomes two
If the Root didn’t take we may find ourselves blowing in the wind
And then from where do we make a choice
Seated firmly, blindfolded from distractions
The two is asking us to root, claiming that we must
And from there we make a choice, take a stand for what we need and want.

swords II mary-el

A space exists between each inhale and exhale that we take. A suspension. It is in this space, I sense, much of how we proceed in our life, what we choose to do, how we choose to act, the choices we make, unfolds and so this is what we become. We are, ultimately, an accumulation of what we have done and where we have been in our life. Right?

Of course not. We are much more than this, and that thing we may ultimately become; a reflection of our true self, the soul, becomes possible, in those quiet and imperceptible moments between the inhale and exhale. On either side of that lies our choices. What are you choosing to become? So, Yes we are an accumulation of our choices and more . Confused? That’s ok.

A classic depiction of the Two of Swords shows a figure, blindfolded, holding two swords, arms crossed, in front of the chest, obscuring the heart. What is happening here?

Often in life when faced with choice we sit, ponder, wait, forestall, meditate, consider, step back, turn our backs; basically decisions can be challenging. Many times, consciously aware or not, we don’t actually decide for ourselves, we allow the decision to be made for us. What we don’t acknowledge is, when we do this we are not only impacting ourselves, but also the person, situation or thing on the other side of that non-choice. It weakens us in every way.

Why are we so often waiting for things to ‘happen’ to us? For love, most prominently; the right fit for a job; our dream schedule or daily flow; on and on. We have been trained to not act; all of us, but especially women. We do it in love, career, friendships, family dynamics; with landlords; doctors; financial institutions and our politics. We wait. And let life happen. To us.

It is entrenched in our nervous system; we don’t want to disappoint, ruffle feathers, make waves. Somewhere along the way, way WAY back, we learned that we should make due with what was placed before us. And make due we do, becoming quite industrious, productive and even prolific; but we are usually acting in the shadows somewhere, in our minds or away from others, for fear our true desires and self cultivated resources will be revealed and likely striped, i.e. raped and pillaged and then co-opted by some patriarchal faction of this broken society. So, of course, our arms are crossed in front of our hearts, protecting ourselves and our hard won resiliency and resources. Some interpretations of this card, refer to it as ‘peace restored’.  Is it because the woman and her familiar, the moon, have sequestered themselves, gone within and are weaving their desires in hiding behind the blindfold? Holding it in, holding it close, making our way neatly, not making a mess with our process. Keeping our desires secret.

When you take this seat, are you meditating or hiding? If ultimately this ‘meditating, (if that’s what you are doing), doesn’t lead you to standing up and standing for the voice of your heart, that longs to sing out and free, then likely you are hiding, continuing to feed the beast that binds.  When the blindfold comes off the truth of what we really want is likely hidden, embroidered someplace secret; we emerge silent, never really having expressed what we wanted, the attenuated silence made the decision for us. This silent choice bleeds all over everyone, you, your friends, your family and on. Is this impact what you wanted?

The Two of Swords appears this week and asks you understand that rooting and being still in order to listen to your heart is different from hiding from your hearts desires and being afraid to speak your needs. When you blind yourself from seeing your own desires through, you impact the potential of those you love to do the same.

What in your life are you being passive about? When you release the swords of false protection you allow in the beauty of the heart’s language to have a voice. Your YES or NO is a voice for you, your kin and community. Let the swords uncross and become a charge to action.






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