IMG_4767-what will you create?

It’s the New Year and the energy around this time of year is most often centered around New Year’s resolutions, intentions and the aspirations we hold for ourselves in the coming year. A lot of fire is in the air and, in many ways brightens and lifts up, the often heavy, earth bound qualities of early winter. This fire also serves as a reminder that, although we are just entering the barren season of cold, the light is indeed beginning to re-emerge.

Appropriately, the Seven of Flames, more typically known as Wands, comes forward as an energetic offering for this week. The Seven of Flames is not shy, Having just emerged from the six, where you have burst forth, perhaps from some past pattern or group paradigm, you are fresh and exuberant and hungry. Harness that energy and direct it toward something this week; really focus and I would almost assure you, headway will be made.

I sense the six through the eight of flames/wands as being energetically associated with Manipura chakra, the third chakra in the classic seven chakra scale. Manipura, translates as the City of Jewels and it is the place where one’s Will or I AM is honed and polished. Centered around the navel, this chakra governs the element of fire; fortifying your strength, vitality, stamina and ego. This seven is a card of individuation. The urge to break free of any lingering binds is strong and this ferocity could fuel both creative passions and any unattended anger.

Indeed the appearance of the Seven of Flames is an invitation to grapple with this tiger, harness the power of its haunches and ride out on the tamed energy, rather than be swallowed by the flames. In this way I would invite you to investigate the relationship of the seven of flames with major arcanum VII, The Chariot. This seven, like the Chariot can carry you forward on your journey. If you let the fire hone your rage and anger rather than consume you, the alchemical transformation will stoke the inner fires of creativity. With this seven you can begin to be carried beyond the bounds of acting to survive and into the realm of surviving to create and express yourself in the world.

In attending any fire, beware of over feeding it by biting off too many projects at once, creating a conflagration, or underfeeding it by being too timid to step forward.

This is the invitation to take a stand for what you desire and how you will express yourself; do not hesitate, harness this emerging energy, aligned with the slowly emerging light.  Step into the fire of your creativity, your intentions, and let the fire both shape you and urge you forward.  This week what will you focus on activating from your myriad intentions?

‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do With your one wild and precious life?’
– Mary Oliver

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