10d09aef89e3b500feb86ded82f1f20c--moon-drawing-sketch-drawingAn Invitation to Shed the Lining

How are you feeling?  A little overfull?

Full Moon in Gemini is upon us, as well as Mercury Rx in Sagittarius. Your life may feel on overdrive right now and the instinct to rush and fit it all in ( whatever ‘it all’ is), may be driving you.  Try to relax, the big moon is an invitation to shed and Mercury traveling ‘ backwards’ is inviting you to slow down.  Especially in the areas of big life concepts.  The medicine is asking you to release what is no longer in service to your spirit and time here on the planet.  Earth, this precious orb, is flailing under a regime of misfits and thugs.  There are voices out there though; women leading a charge, and not just charging others with misconduct, rather a charge to build yourself from what ever ruin you may feel, to take action to secure your sovereignty. NOW.

But first, slow down, breathe in and out. Feel your body. Rock with it a bit. Really, really sit with yourself. Then ask, What the fuck do I really want? You are going to have to clarify this as the question is too big, too general.  Launch from there and hone in on something. It may be: what do I want from work? from my partner? from sex? where I live? from my body relationship/image? Get SPECIFIC. Only choose ONE area.  Remember no major moves now, this is just a moment to set the stage.  Let your gut answer the question.

Breathe. Feel your body in your space. Feel your relationship to the ground beneath you; pillows, rug, bed, couch, whatever. Look around your place.

Right away some things are going to jump at you. They will, I am sure of it. They will say I’m in or I’m out.  You know what to do. Get the things that don’t want to play, pick three, there will be at least three things, and put them outside of your space.  Or at least in a corner near the door so that they are energetically away from you.

Sit back down. Breathe into your body, into newly found places. Maybe write some things down.  Go Slow.  It’s Mercury Rx and this invites you to take some time and recalibrate your rhythm.

Give this to yourself, to your dreams, to the people in your life and life around you. Attending to yourself is the single best remedy you can offer the world in the weeks ahead.

How are you feeling now?


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