XV THE DEVIL-is in the details

I had to chuckle when I drew the card for this week’s Mojo. The holidays in full force upon us, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and who knows what other marketing schemes that will descend upon us between now and the New Year, and quite likely through much of January, it’s no surprise The Devil came out to play. These campaigns hope to drive those of us, that’s you and me, with even the slightest tear in the fabric of our well-being, into some guilt-driven or pleasure seeking frenzy of purchasing. Really though, the Devil may ‘stand in’ as the scapegoat for all of this useless, seeking to fill the hole in the heart behavior, but it’s not the fault of the Devil per say. Lucifer just wanted to be free.

The Devil is simply, and not so simply, here to remind the seeker, that on this noble, but frail journey to becoming whole again, we must examine and make distinction between the flow of man’s natural urges, before codes of conduct and man imposed ideals of morality were forced on us; and the over-inflated, pleasure seeking, mind numbing behavior we often fall into this time of year.

Our desire for beauty, sex, nourishing food, shelter, clothing, and on, is not the issue. However, in our over-‘cultured’ world, they have often become disproportionate to what we really need, because we are often repressing the urge to satisfy these basic needs in the first place. It is at this point that we begin to witness desire become disordered, in the forms of sex addiction, over-eating or anorexia, over spending and gambling and on. The more we repress our desires, and therefore don’t have true relationship with something, the more out of proportion our desire for that very thing becomes. By neglecting our instinctual desires and basic human needs, this desire becomes inflated and dis-ordered; at best we can have hang-ups, inhibitions, insecurities, fears at worst we can develop disorders of the psyche and soma.

Sometimes the Devil tangles us in the details of what moves us forward and motivates us each day, what choices we make, what we choose to engage with. Often making choices centered on either giving or receiving something that garners material, social or spiritual rewards at the end of the day. The Devil him/herself exists beyond accepted morals and social judgements and is asking us to embrace all of life, who you are, what you desire, fully and passionately.

How do we turn in and face our limiting behaviors? By shifting the viewpoint and altering our perspective, we can change the way we feel about the things in the ‘Devil’s domain’.  Swinging between Goddess-consciousness and harmony to the realms of intellect and logic, the Devil is anti dogma, uncompromising and independent. Nothing is forbidden, as The Devil is cognizant that the Shadow also reveals the Light.

As we engage with the lessons provided by card XV, very appropriately at this time of year, we set ourselves free to be who we are. During this time when we easily become subject to over-indulgence in anything from material acquisitions to escalating family dramas, the Devil asks us to celebrate all aspects of life without becoming a slave to its pleasures

How will you free yourself this holidays season?

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