SEVEN OF SWORDS-are you thieving your integrity?

The past week has cut to the core for many of us. The scorpio New Moon digs deep and surfaces feelings, patterns and relational issues of all levels; with self, partners, society, asking us what will you do with this? What to keep, what to release, what to review, as we move toward the quiet of Winter. Simultaneously, it feels as though we are already weathered by the holiday rush which is actually just beginning. If you pause, for even a moment, and look at the irony of packing in so much planning, executing gatherings and attending them, shopping and wrapping and then cleaning up after the parties, all the recovery needed; it is completely maligned behavior as we deepen into the most yin, quiet and internal time of year. This time of year, in the northern hemisphere, nature is preparing to go in, gathering resources, to nest underground and in the cave, to sleep.  We humans have built cultural rituals that ‘require’ we behave in exactly the opposite manner of what nature, our natural rhythm, is calling us to do.

Enter the Seven of Swords. This card has been traditionally assigned the name “thieves’. As such it is not usually a card that is welcomed, given that one must consider what or whom may be in the position of deception. This naming is ‘deceptively’ cursory and requires that we consider the millefeuille gradations of how insidious deception can be in our lives. It can denote everything from stealing, being stolen from, cheating, being cheated on, keeping secrets of any magnitude or little white lies; it can mean ignoring the call of your spirit, staying in a job, a relationship or a place that doesn’t serve you. And on and on.

On a personal level I have been called to work with this card in many ways this month, so when it presented itself for today’s Mojo post, I simply had to chuckle. And then look closer still, listen more deeply, to what The Seven of Swords in wanting to communicate to all of us.

The sevens of any suit signal that there is inner work to be done, as it is asking us to pause and consider, or more likely, reconsider, how we relate to things, people and situations in our life. It is asking us not to simply act, or react, in a status quo way. It is asking you to up your game. It is rattling your cage. Mingle that with the airy suit of swords, circling issues pertaining to intellect, integrity, discernment, the way you communicate, or not. Deception occurs as much with what we may NOT say; holding back the truth hurts ourselves as much as others.

When faced with situations that present potential confrontation do you shut up and swallow your truth or do you steal away, stealthily, with the jewel of your heart’s desire held in your mouth, as an act of self protection. Is there a way to stand in the middle of the chaos and be who you are? How can you remain loyal to your heart, while living in a culture that prioritizes productivity and people pleasing over exploring what it takes to find and stay in the center of your own moral compass?

As we are moving into the holiday season, with Thanksgiving, full of all the potential familial and cultural land mines just ahead, we may be called to navigate and negotiate everything from who is cooking the main course, what the main course can be; to who is sitting next to whom; who gets the bed and who gets the floor; to say nothing of what topics are on or off the table. The Seven of Swords suggests the situation will likely require some creative problem solving and here is where we need to ask ourselves, are we creating comfort at the expense of our integrity or is it really ok to say; ‘hey we don’t need to debate social justice issues this weekend’. Only you can know what works for you and then you must share it. Most people in your life do not read minds.

As humans we have changed both the landscape of the earth and our relationship to it. In doing so we have also changed the way we relate to ourselves and others. We must see that it is almost impossible to uphold responsibilities to others if you are not responsible to yourself first. What do you hold sacred? This is the time to ask and answer this question.

All around us we continue to see people taking advantage of their power, their ability to promise a job, a way of life, fulfill a dream and when we fall victim to it or, collude with it in some way, we knowingly or not continue to feed the pattern of oppressor and oppressed. When we ‘wake’ to this why would we not feel the need to deceive to get back our stolen dreams, the inheritance promised to us. We refused to see who was making the promise, so the black crow saves the jewel, the heirloom seed of our true nature, aligned with nature; in an effort to rescue what is rightfully ours, as human BEINGS, before all the DOINGS. Is it possible to thread our way home? I don’t know. The Seven of Swords is asking us to look. I know the deceptions began long ago and seemingly far away, but not really. And what we seek to remember, to know we have the potential to heal.

The season of expected cheer is upon us, and potentially rife with self deception. It is your responsibility to remember what is worth protecting, worth caring for, and worth making relationship with. At the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, can you look directly into your eyes and not flinch?

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