THREE OF WANDS- what’s cooking?

I am wondering, what was manifested during the week of The Queen of Discs for you? For me a few anchoring tools came my way; an Ooak doll companion I’ve named Lucia, an intense hand-carved skull who has yet to find his name and the potent Oracle of Weavers. Life responds to what we call in.

The Three of Wands speaks directly to this. The two manifests three when the potency between them is true. Two people manifest love and then, perhaps, a child or, a ‘fur baby’ or, property together. These are manifestations of desire.

In the image for the Mary-El Three a single eye just stares, waiting to be lit up. A slender snake slithers up, toward the center of this eye; at its root, a manifesting pentacle, is centered in the spiral at the base of her body. This snake signifies the third wand, shimmering, stirring up. The potential of kundalini, your life force, awakening and rising. What is stirring at the bottom of your spine, in your gut or in your heart?   Is there something you are longing to mingle with to create a new form?

Magic is simply intention manifest. What is being forged in the fire of your minds eye? What are you FOCUSING on?

Three’s signify synthesis and are a number of creation. Mingled with the creative fire of the Wands, this card invites us to dig deeper and reach beyond the boundaries of our seemingly finite bodies, to explore the mysteries of the nature of being. To extend our thinking beyond the binaries of ‘good and evil’; ‘right and wrong’; ‘life and death’.

Once the kundalini rises, the life force awakened and stirred by the potential of creating a new form, new life; the lens of your eye widens and invites you to live into something bigger than yourself. What is calling you this week? What might be stirring that you are just a little bit afraid of. Move toward it.

The Three of Wands lights the way, there is clarity and a steady confidence when you meditate on this card. You may also be given the confidence and clarity to let go of a project or plan that is no longer working or serving you. If that is the case, let the fire burn through the illusion of rekindling it, don’t squander your precious energy. Once you burn through it something new is waiting to be manifest on the other side.

This week ask yourself, What lights my fire, what keeps it burning? Inside the cauldron of your intention the contents will be transformed and you will create new life.

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