QUEEN OF DISCS-a place to call home

Queen of all earthly things, abundance, comfort, and warmth. She sits on her throne, embracing a golden sphere, the world in her arms. Sturdy in form, a majestic crown of antlers and a diamond topped staff; gazing into the distance. What is this earthy queen contemplating?

Earth, Gaia, our mother, has her rhythms; the seasons, cycles of the moon, day and night We, as humans, in a colonized society, have rhythms constructed by society; we as individuals, have our own personal, intimate rhythms.

In the myth constructed by society, things of the earth are considered to be sturdy and reliable by nature, even a little slow. Really though, things of the earth are transient in nature, they change, like the seasons; ephemeral things, the nature of bone, the quality of soil, rivers cutting through mountains, mountains crumbling into earth and changing soil; things birthing and dying, roots, stalk, branches; the flowers and leaves; our breath, in and out; all decay; sometimes imperceptibly, sometimes in a tempest. This quiet queen is asking us to pay attention to such things this week.  Perhaps not taking what we expect as given, for granted. Life rustles beneath the surface even when the trees are bare and frost blankets the ground.

The Queen of Discs, woman of earth, steadies her gaze on her environment, her home, her family, her garden or the natural world about her. She likes regularity and a sense of security, and she works hard to cultivate and maintain her environment, as she knows nothing is just given and like the earth, things change. Her presence is offering that we take notice of our environment, the personal environment we have created or agreed to live in. As the seasons have changed and we have firmly slipped into autumn in the northern hemisphere, have you adjusted yourself and tuned in? The food offered by your local farmer is different, the air is cooler and requires you to keep warm. Have you taken time to do something as simple as changing your clothes closet from summer to winter?

Attend to your home, making shifts little or large to create a comforting, welcoming environment. Her appearance this week invites you to focus on nourishing your senses with a quiet sensuality. How are you caring for yourself? There is a level of intimacy being asked of you. Take time with things that bring you comfort and a sense of wellness. Attend to nature, listen to the sounds of the earth, the wind rustling through the leaves or branches; take a relaxing bath, prepare a nourishing meal; listen to music; dance, move around and feel your body, be in your body.

As well as being comforting and offering a warm bosom to lay your head, this queen is also stately and pragmatic. She knows that the comfort given is created through careful attention to herself and her environment, creating harmony with both inner and outer ecology of self, family, the environment and the world. In these turbulent times we all need a place where we feel comforted and safe. A place to call home.

What can you do this week to create or refresh your connection with your home, both inside and out?

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