ACE OF CUPS – what garden will you grow?

The Ace of each suit contains the energy of all that is possible in the realm of its particular suit. The seed really; yes the seed, containing all the possibility and magic and wonder about to unfold. Often when we consider this we are thinking in all the exemplary way something behaves, but really the seed holds the mystique of it all.

When the suit of Cups appears we know something in the emotional realm is being highlighted; something in the realm of love, deep friendship, something involving the heart. What we also encounter is our connection to the subconscious, to our dreams, to what lies beneath. The way into the soul.

The majority of depictions of The Ace of Cups offer us a cup or a chalice; something full or being filled. The Mary-El rendition is something else altogether. Stunning and difficult.

The beauty of this depiction is that it contains all of it, just as the seed of anything contains all of it. We never know what the seed will bring forth, yes there is faith in the seed, but will it produce a plant that bears much fruit or only a little? Will the flowers be sturdy or frail? Just as we can never be entirely certain about the stock of the seed until the plant grows, we can not be entirely certain what fruit our creative, relational or spiritual efforts will bear until we are in it. Even if all of our desires are met, there are ups and downs, highs and low.

Where are you on the spectrum of your emotional and relational life right now? Have you just entered a fulfilling relationship/ have you ended one?  Have you just had a child/is your child suffering an illness? All things that seed our joy can also seed our sorrow.

The deeper aspect of this Ace is its relationship to our spiritual life. The figure here is human, hermaphroditic and also otherworldly; are those wings enfolding or unfurling? And yours? Have you attended to your spiritual needs? How do you tend them? These times certainly call for us to have anchor in something more than the vicissitudes afforded us by the vagrancies of our human exploits.

As the suit of cups relates to the element of water the question begs to be answered; what are you watering? What seed in your emotional, relational or spiritual garden, are you tending? The blue sphere in the belly asks us to tend to our gut feelings, those intuitions fed from the deep wellspring of something ancient and before ‘us’; but something that is still very much part of the fabric of our being. Most importantly, it is something that wants to be heard. Whether it be personal or of the world, something is crying out to be nurtured.

Will you listen? What seed will you water this week? What garden will you grow?

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