QUEEN OF SWORDS- removing the masks

The Queen of Swords doesn’t suffer fools. When this archetype enters the room, your life, the ‘throw’, you know you are facing a moment or a period where your stories or the collective story is being keenly observed. This is a moment where murky musing and twisted tales will no longer hold water. A person with the quality of this Queen has a focused and intense perception, as though they are seeing right through you.

This highly perceptive Queen, intuition honed, like her ever sharpened blades, sees what is, not what we may wish or dream things to be. With this skill she may be perceived as harsh, a slayer of dreams or pouring icy water over our sleepy heads. Is there a story you are telling yourself that no longer serves your growth, your life or those around you?  She is here to wake you up!

Though she may have the air of a cold and icy temperament, do not be fooled, passions run deep here. She would literally lay her self down in service of the truth. Her true aim is for us to get to the heart of our desires more swiftly and with more clarity and truth, so when we arrive it is with honor; our path and achievements unassailable.

When she arrives, you may be needing to lay a burden down and this is a person in whom you can confide your deepest secrets.  Although she may not offer you a feather bed to lay your weary head down, the medicine she carries will be a clean and clear remedy for whatever ails you.

This Queen asks you to become aware of your masks, we all have them. Our social mask, our job mask, our parent mask, our lover mask. In becoming sensitive to yours you are reminded that everyone wears their own masks. This Queen, although she may appear distant, is actually asking us to become more intimate with ourselves, our stories and thus opens the way to becoming truly intimate with another, as we begin to reveal what lies behind the mask.

Today, this week, this month begin to notice your stories, your masks. Pause, take a breath and just for a moment wonder who lives behind them?

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