THE PRINCESS/PAGE OF CUPS- what are you dreaming



The Princess of Cups is a character of graceful offerings, a dreamer with a youthful and sensual air. Traditionally message carriers, the Pages, offer us the energy of youthful movement and a certain quality of innocence. Even if we are past a chronological age that denotes youth, we all carry the potential to cultivate youthful qualities and perspectives. It may express itself in something as simple as deciding to take up a new craft or activity at the age of 40 or 80. That willingness to expand boundaries is the energy of the Princess/Page.

With all of the difficulties and challenges that have become a regular part of our day to day existence, we may find it hard to imagine or to hope for something outside the binds of our daily routine. Perhaps you are disconnected, or resistant, to the idea of dreaming things into reality, seeing it as frivolous. This is not at all uncommon in a world where many of us are scrambling to simply survive. Yet by making space to take a chance, to explore and dig into your dreams, you may find a more creative solution to managing the necessities of day to day life.

This Princess can be an emotional risk taker and may be inviting you to explore corners of your psyche and intuitive mind, that often lay sleeping. What are your dreams sharing with you? This is an invitation to wake up to their stories, however incongruent they may appear at first. You might even consider starting a dream journal. What is the story you want to tell; the creative endeavor you want to explore? Conversely, when we are not consciously awake to our inner life we ma actually be living a life not meant for us, wearing masks of convention that don’t serve us or those we care for.  Tending to the garden of creativity, and we are ALL creative beings, is a vital aspect of being a well rounded human.

Princesses/Pages are the fruition of the potential we first encounter with the Ace. The cups are the suit associated with water, with our emotions, dreams, sensuality and our relationship to these things. As we have traveled through the suit, our journey has afforded us the opportunity to deepen our relationship to the emotional realm. The Princess of Cups embodies the earthy aspect of water; Earth gives form or substance to water; giving rise to our own physical substance. Her presence is an invitation to explore the voluptuousness of being in a body. As such, this card invites us to examine our relationship to sensuality and how we relate sensorially with life, through touch, taste, sound and with our eyes.  Perhaps it is a time to allow yourself to be lavish and indulge yourself with a bath and candles, music, pleasure. It is an opportunity to play and feel into yourself with youthful curiosity.

When we cultivate our relationship to our inner world, tend to the garden of our psyche, we are gifted with emotional stability, more harmonious relationships and the subsequent beauty that flourishes in a well tended garden. There is true intimacy to explore here, breathing moment to moment, looking into the eyes of the person you are speaking to. Are you steadfast when in relationship with others, whether romantically or platonically, what is your moral code emotionally? Just as small actions or steps ‘make a large work whole’*, by not really being sensitive to the feelings of those close to you, you actually, in some small way, contribute to the sorrows in the world.

As we are moving deeper into Autumn, in the Northern hemisphere, the blanket of darkness naturally invites us in to explore our inner terrains. These are dark times and the Princess of Cups is offering a balm; medicine for our despair. In a world hurtling toward self destruction and self absorption do not diminish the value of love and kindness; the actual heartbeat of the world.

Are you honoring your heart?


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