THE MOON-what lies beneath


The Moon, the arch -romantic symbol for dream time, intuition, and ritual; and the dark, our fears, werewolves, the pull of the tide, the underworld and the unconscious.

The appearance of The Moon is of so much relevance at this very moment in time; for all of us, personally and globally. It begs us to look at what we hide, or turn away from. She appears when we are being asked to listen closely and deeply to something that may be living in the shadows, beneath the surface; something that is driving us unconsciously, asking to be seen, and, perhaps changed for growth.

The Moon, trump card no.18, is ruled by the mutable water sign, Pisces. Associated with the subconscious, our emotions, intuition and artistry, Pisces is ruled by Neptune, whose watery depths connect us our with dreams, visions, and imagination.  Thus these qualities  are linked to the moon herself.

What is being whispered to you in your dream? Are you listening? This is a moment to shift gears, to bring these dreams and whispers into the light. What once seemed ‘out of your hands’ is now the purview of awake CONSCIOUSNESS. Not UNCONSCIOUSNESS. This is a call to take response-ability.

The appearance of the Moon card is of deep interest for me personally. My dreams have always been with me; vivid, alive, epic. Constant companions; revealing, insightful and, often, premonitory. Then, there was the ‘last dream’ , late April 2015, an epic horror show; the ravages of my life displayed before me; destitute junkies, a freak show, and a literal highway to hell, all culminating with me standing on a precipice, with a dark angel extorting me to either jump into the unknown or go back the way I came, back into the hell that came before. I believe I jumped. I woke up in a sweat, tears streaming down my face. Two weeks later I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. The lights went dark on my dreams.

My dreams going dark robbed me of something intimate and precious. The message however was clear, my deep self didn’t trust me to listen and attend to the gifts the dreams carried with them. You see there were many other dream signs prior to that devastating dream, that something was awry. I simply chose not to listen. Which is a queer statement coming from someone who has spent her life attending to the body; its mysteries and messages. Yet, I turned away. Walking some paths can only be done alone and certainly the journey set before me is one of those. And I was afraid to face into that moment.

The Moon appears when there is a life shift taking place, it will do so with you or without you, like cancer in my body or Trump becoming president. What weren’t we listening to?  Where in your life, either personally or collectively, do you need to listen, to attend to more deeply, with more awareness. You know this thing, it gnaws at your gut and you may turn away from it. Trust me it won’t go away.

Heed the whispers my friends. They have actually become shouts!

If it goes unanswered we will continue to live from a more primal, reactive place. This is an invitation to act rather than react, to merge our primal, instinctual knowing with our cortical ability to reason and organize; to take action, to bring change to fruition; to manifest our creative dreams and our hopes for a better world; to paint the large canvas and to realize ourselves in a deeper and more profound way. The Moon is the calling card, but you must be willing to look in the dark closet, heed the dream message, address what you hide or hide from, and face into it. It is there whether you pay attention to it or not. Festering in the dark, your creative potency is going to seed; bleeding another moon instead of gestating new life, hope, potential. Yes, The Moon is serious business. But, OH!, you will reap what you sow; a birth, a creation, a revolution, a new food system, a new political system; a renewed and vital relationship with life or, peace with death. It is a gift, but in order to receive it, you must walk the dark and narrow road to the interior to face what scares you; what you hide from yourself and, what you think you hide from others (you don’t, fear has a smell of its own). Unwrap it, own it and bring it into the light.

We all go through periods where we withdraw from our awake consciousness. This withdrawal is important, as much gets worked out behind the scenes, instinctively, in dream time. Yet, in order to be sustainable, there are some things, some larger works in our lives that require a more awake directive. The dream manifested in art, action, a manifesto of intent. The moon is asking us to bring our dreams into creative manifestation.

Remember the process of awakening is not linear, thus the appearance of the Moon after the hopeful reprieve of The Star.  Think of weaving and intersecting your awareness, a spiral, of dream time insight. The Moon gifts us with the choice to proceed in a state of wakeful awareness or, to continue as the sonnambula, sleep walking through various aspects of your life.

When you heed this call, the strength gifted from facing your fears, the darker aspects of yourself; you emerge, are birthed, into the light of The Sun, on the next step of your journey.

*Of note: this Beautiful image of The moon is from the Dream Dust Shamanic Tarot deck.

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