TWO  OF DISCS- harmony through change

This week’s mojo offers up the Two of Discs. The suit of discs is of the earth, it concerns itself with the material elements that represent stability, security and success in our lives.  A job, home, money, the material gains that come with a certain amount of personal or familial success. These things are certainly necessary to be secure at some basic level in the world we live in; the outer elements. Yet for every masculine element there is a feminine counterpart and the two’s of tarot introduce this union and need for harmony.

The image on the Thoth two illustrates this concept in several ways, the most striking being a snake consuming its own tail; the ancient Ouroboros, a profound symbol of the infinite. The ouroboros symbolizes the consistency of cyclic change; the snake eating its tail demonstrates that all organic matter, in harmony, has a natural cycle of growth and decline.

The two’s signify coming into relationship with some element in your life experience. Discs carry the energy of material concerns, job, home, money; the earthly elements of how we are supported in this world. This has become an issue for a wider segment of the population, the middle is shrinking. What was once ‘given’ or reasonably expected by many of us who achieved even a modest education, is no longer so readily available. As these material concerns become less reliable, that by which we have been taught to measure ourselves is also changing.  How do you cope with uncertainty and this potential shift in self identification?  This is an invitation to explore how you partner and dance with the unknown.

You may be approaching any of these necessary changes with creative plans and projects and a wide eyed and expansive vision, yet the presence of the Two of discs suggests there may be an element or force that is limiting some of your exuberance.  Astrologically the two of discs has the signature of Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn. The expansive and generous nature of Jupiter is ‘controlled’ by the sturdy, slow moving goat climbing up a rocky mountain terrain. Ambitious and determined, the goat is also Saturnian in nature; there is a pragmatism to how the goat will achieve their lofty goals.  Although you may feel thwarted in some way, if you pause you may see this ‘control’ part of the cycle gives you more stamina and support. Perhaps you won’t be as burnt out at the top of the mountain, for your energy will be more evenly dispersed. This is an invitation to explore how you respond when forces around you seem to hold you back or at bay.

The Two of Disks reminds us that we are part of nature, and to accept the natural flow of changes with care and consideration.  As a part of nature we are subject to her processes of growth and decay no matter how plastic, botoxed, plastic surgeried, waxed, well clothed, manicured, made up, and educated, we have crafted ourselves to be. It is about recognizing that simply by virtue of being human, these messy organic beings, we are already whole and balanced.

This is an opportunity to learn that stability and harmony is not found in holding on for dear life or gripping to things as we know them.  When guiding any balancing poses in yoga, especially arm balances or one legged standing poses, I did my best to demonstrate that coming into a reliable balance requires sensitivity, an actual loosening of certain muscles, so that you can feel; not only the ground beneath you, but the space around you; sensing the container you are and the container of the space that holds you.  The Two of Discs reminds us that change is the constant that sustains our life force and is actually a process of coming into relationship with your world.  For this week observe that which is changing around you and within you, notice your acceptance or resistance and explore being in the flow with what is the natural course of life.  There is harmony in  change.


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