THE EMPRESS- the journey home

I share my thoughts for this week from my home in Brooklyn, fully aware of the approach of the New Moon in Virgo.  Before me, on the coffee table, sits a small brass sculpture of a snake, one of my totems, and a sphere of garnet.  These two talisman help ground me in the often uncertain sea of life we swim in these days. Ground. Home. Land. Homeland. I ask myself lately; what does it mean to be at home or, more probing, at home with myself? Body in a place, mind and heart in a home. How can we know what it is to be embodied when, most of us, have a difficult time slowing down enough to feel.  Instead, there is so much discomfort. Distortion. Displacement. To offer an antidote, The Empress arrives, the feminine fully embodied.  She is the energy of the great mother, Gaia; and, of nature, around us and within us. The Empress is the supreme archetype of femininity and fertility; the ever-unfolding source of life-giving energy. She is, fully, of a place.  Whowza! Did we just disrupt all of our circuit breakers for the week? Never mind, The Empress wants you to sit back, relax and listen to a story. Maybe not a cozy bedtime story, more like a wanderer’s tale.

The story opens with our protagonist, you or me, getting ready to take a journey. This journey is not simply a vacation or retreat, rather, it is an undertaking of larger proportions. (The Chariot) This journey has us leaving our known comfort’s and luxuries and, a familiar sense of order, behind. The aspirant is ready for this journey, understanding that what is being left behind is a story about him or herself that no longer rings true, for the clothes and life and luxuries that were given are no longer comfortable. (4 of Cups, The Emperor) Still, there is some worry and concern that such an undertaking will be met with futility, for how does one displace the powers that be, the status quo and, step into the unknown, without becoming lost? (5 of discs and 7 of swords) Fortitude and a sense of adventure prevail however, as we dig deep and discover a wellspring of love and altruism that will strengthen and nourish us as we face the trials set before us. ( the Knight/prince of Cups) We have the strength to lead the rebellion against the outdated moral codes and religions beliefs; to cut through fears, illusions and worry that may arise on the path. (the Princess/Page of Swords).

We prevail on our quest and meet our new beginning, burning bright before us. ( the Ace of Wands) We are asked to open our eyes, our whole body, so we may experience being in the midst of effulgent love (9 of cups). Now, that we have released the trappings of gifts given that were never ours, we can relax into ourselves, into our true home.  A place of nourishment, giving thanks and having reverence for the place we have come to; we have paved our own way home. Perhaps we call in our ancestors, forgiving them for colonizing what was not theirs to take or, grieving with them for having to leave their place of origin, of home. Their land. Heart- Land.  This is truly at the heart of so much of our modern angst and politic of strife that we find ourselves in today.

It is here, now, that we come to the bosom of THE EMPRESS, to be nourished, finally, in the fertile land of our decolonized mind. Sovereign. Whole. Held. Resplendent.

So, you may be asking, What the hell does this have to do with the gorgeousness that is The Empress, and, how does this impact my MOJO?  Well, baby, you can’t have any MOJO unless you are home. Present, in your body, your apartment, your city, your land. The Empress is inviting you to locate yourself.  Perhaps this week you take a few moments to remember how you came to be where you are; maybe you travel further back and wonder how your kin came to be on lands that may not be their own. Maybe, instead of going ‘to’ yoga or spin class or taking the run with headphones on, you lay on your floor and become still and feel yourself. Breathing. Being. Are you comfortable?

How can you have an experience of the Empress, this supremely embodied archetype, when you may have no earthly idea it is like to be comfortable in your own body?  In the place you live?  In order to get to the bones and the marrow of this, you may need to throw off a few things that aren’t yours.  Lighten the load, go on an expedition; traveling within, or maybe walking, slowly, with eyes open, around the neighborhood you live in; wondering, what was here before all of this? Before me? Where is your true home; your root? You may need to get a little uncomfortable.

The Empress is mother. The earth is mother and we are built, first, from the flesh of our mother, she is our first home. As such she is Gaia. You might explore your relationship with your mother, or the concept of mother. Or just call your mother for goddess sake!  One of the pinnacles of genealogical exploration is the yearning to return home, to the place as far back in your ancestry that you can root back to, your second motherland. Does this rooting back give you peace? What urge might it satisfy, or, does it disrupt your psyche?

Why bother with any of this? The Empress is here, let me just draw a bubble bath, sip some champagne and luxuriate in her presence.  Of course, I want this for you, for me, for us.  Yet, I also invite you to explore your unknown flesh, land, place of home; to learn something new, to explore.  You see, The Empress is one of 22 major arcana. It is generally thought that, when a major arcana appears, it is speaking to forces in life that are larger than the everyday considerations of man. So this is the call to go a little deeper, get a little dirty.  Then, when you return from your journey, draw the bath and sip the champagne, you will understand and appreciate it all the more. Or, maybe, you will desire something else entirely.

Whatever happens, The Empress is the source of our embodiment and of natural law. She is Demeter and, as Demeter, she withdraws the earth’s fertility for half the year. She might even be called ‘The Great Recycler’. You would do well to remember that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Heed her call. Take your journey home.

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