Ace discs


It is Monday September 11, and my mind is pierced with the awareness of the historical weight of this date, as well as the immediate weight of what is occurring all around us. Today as I sit here, we continue to be at odds with the world and with Gaia herself; the catastrophic forces of nature bearing down all around us. Earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, hurricanes; as well as a heroic rise in all manner of catastrophic illness such as cancer and heart disease; diseases of the mind and memory; to name but a few. Have at it Mother Nature.

My intention and aspiration for these Monday posts, is to inspire awareness and self reflective action. Perhaps planting seeds of inspiration that you may carry through your week, giving you pause to make one different choice, or to simply bring you some hope, insight or a smile to your daily path. Each Monday I draw from one of my tarot or oracle decks offering you something to consider or meditate on; a touchstone to set the tone for your week ahead.

Fittingly the card that appeared for this week is the Ace of Discs, alternately known as Pentacles, Coins or Stones.

I lean into what the Ace of Discs has to share with us for this moment in time. The Ace of Discs is the root of the earth element, a card of harmony and balance between our inner and outer life, denoting a wealth of the body and the spirit. It speaks to our quest for growth both physically and spiritually.

September 11 is a day of remembrance for many of us; a sobering day for all who believed that we were living a life of freedom. This day, 16 years ago, peeled back the veil of that illusion.  As each year passes we pause for a moment and perhaps in that pause we know we must began again; slowly, building something new from the ashes.  What will you build; what are you building upon?  In some way we will never escape that we built on stolen land, on the back of those we enslaved. What are you still enslaved to, personally, socially, collectively?  If aces offer a beginning and discs are of the earth these are all questions we might  do well to consider this week.

Cancer entered my life and burned much of what I had built in my life to the ground. So here I am too, to build anew from the ashes of my perceptions of who I was, who I am becoming and recommitting to.  To being present, moment by moment, day by day.  This is a life’s work. The path of the journeyman/woman/person. Step by step.

What does this have to do with Monday Mojo you may wonder? The cards offer us a path, a peek behind the veil to what is stirring in our subconscious, personally and collectively.  If we listen closely, they call to us and remind us: healing is revealing, revealing is healing.

wake up wake up wake up


While Discs represent all of the physical aspects of daily life, including your physical body, your home, work life, your familial bonds, and well-being, they also encompass a much larger quest for security and sustainability. The Ace of Discs points to the possibility of something being created in new or renewed conditions. A seed already contains the image of the tree or what it is to become; what seeds have you planted? Perhaps the seed you choose to plant this week contains possibility of change and rising up beyond the current construct or circumstance you may find yourself in. The Ace implies a beginning.

The Discs remind us to connect with, and have reverence for, the natural world; quite fitting for this moment in time. If we are to have any hope of continuing to live on this planet that we claim as home, we must forge new ways, large and small, to be in alignment with nature. So the Ace of Discs asks, how will you choose to be in alignment within yourself and with the world?

This card is inviting you on a journey of self discovery, to come into alignment and understanding that what we choose for ourselves personally effects all of us collectively. The Ace of Discs asks you to reach into your core so you can begin to know yourself from the inside out. It is from this center the wellspring of self love, self reliance and loving action arises from within. This is how you build a stable foundation. It is asking you to reach into your sacred center, and to share this aspect of yourself with those you love.  Remember, like the tree, we grow from the inside out and the outer ring, what we see most immediately, could not exist without all of the rings it encircles.  This week how will you grow yourself from the inside out?  And how will you you share it with those you love and the world you inhabit?

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